Terms and Conditions

Watadonates.com and our corresponding textline, in association with Digicel, wants to encourage people to donate to the Shaggy Make a Difference Foundation in support of the Bustamante Hospital for Children. Persons can donate themselves and refer others to donate.

You get a point every time you text TeamShaggy4Kids to 444-2498 to donate. You gain an additional point for each person that donates using your referral code. Register at watadonates.com to get your unique referral code. The more people you get to donate, the greater your chance to win!

The persons who raise the most money either by donating or referring friends to donate will win a share of the following prizes: a pair of Gold tickets to Shaggy & Friends 2018, and additional weekly prizes of gift baskets from WATA.

The winner of the pair of Gold Tickets will be the person who has made and referred the most donations as of 7:59am JA time on Friday, January 5. They will also receive a gift basket from WATA.

Following the Shaggy & Friends 2018 concert on Saturday, January 6, our fundraising efforts will continue until the end of the month on Wednesday, January 31. After the concert, the person who has made and referred the most donations that week will be awarded the prize of a gift basket from WATA.

The weekly winners will be awarded for the weekly periods ending:

  • 7:59am, Friday January 6
  • 7:59am, Friday January 12
  • 7:59am, Friday January 19
  • 7:59am, Friday January 26
  • 7:59am, Wednesday January 31

Five (5) attempts will be made contact the winners. If all attempts are unsuccessful, the person with 2nd most points will be contacted to claim the prize/s.

WATA in association with

All proceeds will go towards Shaggy and Friends 2018 to the Bustamante Hospital for Children.

Just text TeamShaggy4Kids to 444-2498 from your Digicel phone to donate J$50!